Bra fitting should be done by your body, not by the style or brand. As your bra size can change throughout your life we recommend checking your measurements once or twice a year.

Follow our easy self-measurement guide and then enter your details into our easy Bra Fit Calculator below for the recommended Elba size.

You’ll see that in M to L we have an extra size qualifier - “lb”, and this refers to a slightly longer/looser underband that we’ve found works best according to the sizes you enter in the calculator.

Without a bra, or wearing a non-padded bra and using a soft measuring tape LEVEL around the body, measure:

​A - Around and over the fullest part of your bust without indenting the breast tissue at all. Check in the mirror to make sure the tape is level all around your body.

​B - Around your underbust directly below where your breast tissue meets your torso. The tape measure should be snug close to your body but not uncomfortable.