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Intimately.co's goal is to bring the millions of women with a disability confidence through a better lingerie shopping experience; an experience that helps to define a woman's femininity, personal identity, and self-assurance. Intimately.co aggregates lingerie for women with different disabilities in order to make the garments more accessible and put them on one cohesive, attractive, and well-designed website. We shouldn't have to shop on site for our underwear and another for our bras and another for lingerie. We wanted to create a one stop shop and done for disabled women.

No more clicking all around the web to see what undergarment carries clothing that fits your need. It will all be here!

P.S (We are soon launching our own lingerie set and underwear soon!)


Why the Blog?

Intimately.co also has a blog section that our readers love; it’s the Cosmopolitan for women with disabilities. This blog section features women from around the globe with different disabilities talking about sex, dating, fashion, and confidence. There are some one off blogs by disability bloggers where these individuals talk about their experience, but not one centralized place from disabled women to read and relate to women like them.

A lot of us read Cosmo growing up; great dating, style and love tips... but only for abled bodied women. Intimately.co offers the same sense of female community  that popular magazine or sites have, but we include everyone.



From the Founder

Emma Butler founded Intimately.co in the summer of 2018. She is part mystery novel enthusiast, part oil painter, and part English Bulldog fanatic. Her best friend is her identical twin sister who she does absolutely everything with. From a young age she was always interested in apparel design and knew it would be an integral part of her life.

Emma became aware of adaptive apparel through her mom who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when Emma was 12. She saw how her mom changed after her diagnosis and the effects of chronic pain. When Emma started Brown University she met students with chronic illnesses and other disabilities and decided to do more research how disabilities and chronic pain affect how women get dressed. This aligned her love for apparel design and her devotion to her mother and others going through the same life challenges.

Any given day you can find Emma daydreaming about pain au chocolat in Paris.... but also how to make the metros more accessible for people with mobility aids!


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