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Love Stories: Interabled Couple Advice and Interdependance

Many people are surprised that my husband is not disabled. There is still a lot of stigma that causes people to believe people with disabilities only date other disabled people. I am often asked how I ended up with a typically functioning person. The simplest answer is God. However, I know many of you are looking for a more concrete, practical answer. What did I do? What did I say? I often get these types of questions from women with disabilities who are longing for the companionship I have been blessed with. There are a few things I think many people with disabilities are doing wrong when it comes to finding a partner. Surprisingly to some people, a lot of...

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Self Love and Dance: A story of growing and teaching how to love yourself

tw/cw eating disorders Preface:  Emma Butler, Intimately's Founder Often times we are stuck in one or two boxes surrounding our identity: "black, woman" or "teen, wheelchair user" or "mom, breast cancer survivor" and this prevents us from exploring all the complex sides we have. We aren't just defined by one thing that was predetermined for us, but rather a culmination of things we havent chosen (like our race, assigned gender, age) and things we do choose (like who we choose as friends, what we love to do). I've been thinking a lot about these boxes and how they have affected my behavior and how they affect my friend's behaviors. Often when we struggle with one thing or focus on one label...

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Intimately’s Founder on Invisible Disabilities

Dear All Women, My name is Emma and I am the founder of Intimately. I truly believe that every woman, no matter her ability, should have a fun, relaxing and accessible shopping experience. I have tried to curate a few of my favorite brands of lingerie that are cute and practical and fit many different women’s needs. I realize we have many more types of undergarments to curate and I hope to bring that to you soon. I wanted to briefly talk about a topic that has come up a lot as I have begun to launch this project: visible versus invisible disabilities. Frequent questions I get asked are why isn’t every model in a wheelchair? Or why are you...

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"What Makes Me Feel Sexy" with Maddi Niebanck

MEET MADDI NIEBANCK  Maddi is a 2017 graduate of Georgetown University and author of  Fashion Fwd: How Today's Cultures Shapes Tomorrow Fashion. During her free time Maddi can be found perusing the latest edition of Vogue and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs as they strive to discover their greatest potentials. A week after her college graduation, Maddi suffered a massive brain hemorrhage that left her paralyzed on her left side. For the past year and a half, she's been working hard to (quite literally) get back on her feet and pursue her love for fashion. She wrote Fashion Fwd while undergoing intense physical, occupational, and cognitive therapy as a way to kickstart her new life of purpose.     What makes you feel beautiful: A killer pair of...

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