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5 Disability Influencers to Follow that You Haven't Already

There is nothing like an honest and authentic influencer on social media to cut us a break from all the insincere noise on social media. What’s better? When we can actually relate to them. We’ve outlined 6 of our favorite Instagram influencers, who are candid with their stories of pain, healing, and everyday life as disabled women.  Alyssa Higgins Alyssa shows a peek into her magical romance and everyday life through a beautifully curated feed. Here posts are nothing short of aesthetically awesome! (You can buy her editing preset on Etsy for 5 dollars) Alyssa’s cute selfies and mixed in with romantic shots of her and her husband. We are obsessed with her gorgeous wedding pics and her royally...

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Love, Fashion and Spastic Diplegia has the privilege of interview Instagram influencer Paula Carozzo. Born in Venezuela and raised in Miama, Paula Carozzo is a disabled lifestyle blogger and influencer. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 5 after an anoxic episode from a surgery.

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