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What is Adaptive Clothing? Everything about the Inclusive Fashion Trend

Adaptive clothing is clothing specifically created for people with disabilities; this could be a physical disability or invisible disability such as chronic illnesses, but in general adaptive clothing is designed for anyone who has trouble dressing. This difficulty in dressing may present itself in a person having trouble with closures (buttons, hook and eyes, and zippers) because of limited hand dexterity, trouble with “over-the-head” dresses, blouses and shirts because of limited shoulder mobility, or inability to wear pants because of uncomfortable seam and rivet placements on the butt for wheelchair users. There are a lot more nuanced and specific examples and it’s good to keep in mind that the word “adaptive clothing” doesn’t refer to just one type of disability...

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DIY Adaptive clothing: Limited Hand Mobility

Hey you! This is Emma here and I’ve compiled a list of 3 tricks and DIY tips for “adaptive apparel.” Today’s theme is “Business Casual” and I’m offering fashion tips specifically for women with limited hand dexterity. If hook and eyes, small buttons and low quality zippers are a problem for you, then this post is for you! Shirt Hack: One way to step up your business casual is having an oxford button down in your wardrobe; but let’s get rid of those annoying buttons while still looking chic! If you’re feeling crafty one afternoon, all you need is fabric grade adhesive, Velcro and a button up shirt Step 1: Layout the unbuttoned shirt on a flat surface. One side...

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